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  • Derrick Dabbs
  • Noelle Dabbs
  • Kenneth Perkins
  • Joey Morris
  • Terence Sinkfield
  • Yolanda Nalls
  • Cathy Furr
  • Barry Penton
  • Mike Burman
  • Cecil Whiteley
  • Ryan Pillen
  • Chad Sweet

Derrick Dabbs

Founding Owner and President

Derrick Dabbs is the Founding Owner and President of the ANM group of companies. He started the first of three companies in the organization in 2000. Prior to pursuing this entrepreneurial path, Mr. Dabbs served in a variety of capacities at various manufacturing and distribution companies. Some areas of Mr. Dabbs experience include material planning, logistics, engineering change functions, general management, sales, marketing, quality control, SPC, MRP, APQP, Lean practices/principles, and employee development. Mr. Dabbs is a graduate of Eastern Michigan University where he was a 4 year captain of the Men’s Tennis team.

Noelle Dabbs

Vice President of Operations

Noelle Dabbs is the Vice President Operations of ANM Services. She brings a wealth of knowledge and leadership to the ANM organization. Prior to this role she served as the company’s Director of Quality. Mrs. Dabbs manufacturing background spans over 20 years in various manufacturing, quality, engineering, and management roles at several tier 1 and 2 suppliers. Her diverse knowledge of the quality and manufacturing field is a key ingredient to the direction and leadership experienced by ANM Services. Mrs. Dabbs has extensive knowledge of Interior Trim parts, plastic injection molding, assembly, SPC, APQP, Lean Manufacturing principles, Six Sigma, Leadership Development, and she is a key driver of continuous improvement within the ANM organization.

Kenneth Perkins

Regional Manager, Michigan

Ken Perkins brings 20+ years of quality leadership experience to his role as Regionial Manager. Mr. Perkins has worked as both a Quality Engineer and Quality Manager in the fast paced Tier 1 automotive interiors business. He first joined the ANM team as a Customer Resident Engineer, but based on Ken’s work ethics and Customer feedback, he was promoted within the ANM organization. Mr. Perkins has firsthand knowledge of our CQE, Product Launch Facilitator, Warehousing, Staffing, and Sorting & Containment operations. Ken has proven his ability to apply these critical principles to our team’s day to day operation, meeting the needs of our customers in his region.

Joey Morris

Regional Manager, Southern U.S.Georgia

Mr. Morris is the Regional Manager – Southern U.S. He brings a wealth of knowledge with over 30 years of experience in various manufacturing leadership roles. Mr. Morris has worked in Quality, Engineering, and Plant Management roles throughout his career. He is a certified Six Sigma Black Belt and is Lean Manufacturing certified. Mr. Morris has his degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Tennessee at Martin.

Terence Sinkfield

Area Manager, Georgia

Mr. Sinkfield is the Area Manager of Georgia. He has a broad knowledge of the quality control business with over twelve years of experience in various quality assurance leadership roles. Mr. Sinkfield has helped ANM grow in a new market with a keen focus on customer service and an understanding of process auditing, quality processes, risk assessments, project management, and human resource controls.

Yolanda Nalls

Area Manager, Alabama

Yolanda began working for ANM services as a temp in the winter of 2007. In the summer of 2008 Yolanda was hired on with ANM as a full time employee. While working, she was offered the job of team leader. She went on to become a supervisor after 2 years. In 2013, she became a site manager for two sites in Alabama. In 2015, she became the area manager over Alabama. In 2017 she is the area manager for Alabama, Georgia and Tennessee.

Cecil A. Whiteley

Area Manager, Mississippi

Cecil came to work for American National Molding in 2004. He came to the company with a degree in Mechanical Engineering. He has many years of managing and supervisor experience. He is currently the Area Manager representing the State of Mississippi for ANM Services. Cecil is very diligent every aspect of the company. He not only represents ANM Services he represents the company he is working with and the company he is working for.

Ryan Pillen

Area Manager, Ohio

Mr. Pillen is the Area Manager – Ohio for ANM Services. ANM is fortunate to be able to draw on his extensive non-automotive experience prior to joining ANM. This experience includes extensive inventory control, MRP management, product quality, and personnel management. Mr. Pillen is a huge asset as he has quickly grasped many business functions within the organization. Included in this has been the TQW (Temporary Quality Wall) process. This knowledge has been critical so we can launch new TQW sites and train all personnel. Additionally, his engineering support at various customers has been critical to the success and growth of our organization. Mr. Pillen is a graduate of the University of Toledo in Toledo, Ohio.

Chad Sweet

Area Manager, Southeast Michigan

Mr. Sweet is the Area Manager – Southeast Michigan. Mr. Sweet has extensive experience in the automotive Manufacturing/Quality business. He started out as a production employee early in his career for an OEM auto assembly plant and elevated his knowledge through many positions (machine setup, checker, inspector, final inspector, liaison) that brought him to 6 years of direct experience in the Incoming Quality department of a Tier 1 auto manufacturing facility and Manager for the Service department of an OEM dealership. This experience has allowed Mr. Sweet to have a keen understanding of what processes are needed to contain and certify incoming material and ensure that all have the proper information. Guiding these processes is instrumental in achieving permanent corrective actions and thus being able to confirm that these are followed and in place. He also brings direct experience in Global 8D and QRCI practices and understanding of PFEMA and PPAP. Mr. Sweet attended Hope College in Holland, MI.