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Customer Quality Liasions

ANM Services recognizes that when issues occur, your customer often wants someone onsite to assist in the containment and problem-solving process. This customer request can be a burden on your organization’s staff, resulting in inefficiencies and staff burnout.

ANM Services offers a liaison solution that is less time consuming and more cost-effective for your company. Our CQL (Customer Quality Liaison) can work fulltime at your customer location, make recommendations for the corrective action and lead sort / rework activity that may be needed at the customer location.

The immediate response from our CQL has proven itself effective time after time, resulting in reduced organizational costs, PPM reduction and increased customer satisfaction.

Supplier Quality Engineering

As we’ve partnered with our customers over the years, we have observed the impact that insufficient quality engineering resources have on a manufacturing operation. We recognize the fact that finding, screening, overseeing and training temporary Quality Engineers can take more time and money than our customer base is willing to spend.

Whether it’s during peak workload periods, when a position comes vacant or when you need specialized expertise for a specific project in your facility, ANM Services can help. ANM Services recruits and hires Quality Engineers with the expertise and experience that fit with our customer’s product and work environment.

The Quality Engineers at ANM Services have an extensive background in quality problem solving and we are able to visit your supplier locations and give you full confidence that all the failure modes have been identified and that the required corrective actions have been properly implemented. Our trained Quality Engineering staff performs this work on a daily basis and formally reporting back to the customer on their findings.

Sorting and Inspection

When you choose ANM Services, we insure that our sorting and inspection services will meet your expectations. We have a proven track record of customer satisfaction in automotive and general manufacturing.

Because a quality spill can occur at any time, our teams are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. ANM Services team come prepared with the necessary supplies to insure an effective sort and inspection of your product.

In addition to on-site sorting in your facility or your customer’s facility, we offer the option to have your product sorted at our nearby facility**. We offer reliable, skilled and fully supervised teams for whatever options fits your company’s needs.
Your sort results are provided to you in an I-Chart or the format of your choice through our secure online database.

ANM services high standards will insure your product is inspected and you and your customers are satisfied.

**Warehouses available: Flowood, MS., Riverside, MO., and Lansing, MI.

Containment Services

Unfortunately, containment is sometimes required to protect your facility from quality spills that occur in your supply base. At times, your facility may need to utilize containment to protect your customers from abnormal conditions in your own plant.

ANM Services has managed numerous containments between Tier 1 suppliers and their OEM customers, as well as between Tier 2 suppliers to their Tier 1 customers.

Whether it is a customer requested “Controlled Shipment” or a self-imposed “Quality Gate”, ANM Services has the skill and knowledge to set-up, train and implement a containment process that will protect your customers from receiving defective goods.
The containment process of ANM Services is robust enough to ensure success, yet flexible enough to fit within your existing production process, preventing possible containment related delays in customer shipments.

Your sort results are provided to you in an I-Chart or the format of your choice through our secure online database. We provide reliable on-site supervision for our containment teams, including daily audits of our containment process. With your agreement, we will run frequent Red Rabbit tests to confirm the effectiveness of our team members.

Product Safe Launch

ANM Services recognizes the importance of having a successful product launch. Any quality disruption could jeopardize the launch. During this critical launch phase, let the ANM Services team help you to have the safe, successful launch both you and your customer deserve.

ANM Services will partner with your launch team to determine the critical quality inspection requirements during launch. ANM Services will work alongside your launch team from the early production builds to post-SOP, ensuring the quality of your product at every step.

ANM Services Safe Launch program is tailor made to each manufacturing location. It includes inspection of parts at the tool shops or machine fabricators, incoming receiving inspection, kitting of preproduction goods to ensure correct engineering revision levels are used, confirming quality at each stage of the manufacturing process, final inspection and customer review of the product prior to shipment. Let us partner with you on your next launch project.

In addition, ANM Services can add a Launch Support Team that will oversee the appropriate rework activities as needed and provide containment support.

Product launch facilitator

Often organizations are stretched thin during product launches. ANM Services is able to assist you when you need extra personnel required for a successful product launch. Our trained Launch Facilitators will come along side your staff and help champion your product launch. They are trained in program management and problem resolution, driving the failure modes to resolution.

One benefit of using the ANM Services Launch Facilitator is the fact that they are impartial and focused solely on the success of you product launch. Our Launch Facilitators are trained on the full process including: Control Plans, Process Flows, PFMEAs, Gage R&R, and all the other elements of the PPAP process. Our Launch Facilitators have led organizations through successful PPAP submissions, Run @ Rates (GP-9), early production containment (GP-12), and even replied to customer issues including PRR’s, SMRR’s, 5-Why and 8D.

Let us partner with you in developing a support plan utilizing our professional Launch Facilitators.

Temporary Quality Wall

TQW is short for Temporary Quality Wall.

TQW utilizes a standardized operation to conduct end of line inspections and help to push the problems back up-stream to production.

This method has 13 key points that are monitored to ensure that the TQW is being effective in relaying defects back to your production line and protecting your customer.

We communicate our defects through daily customer data reports and through the presentation of data boards that are posted at every TQW that is set up at your facility.

Our boards are updated every shift and are updated whenever a defect is captured during inspections.

For TQW implementation to be as effective as possible several criterion have to be fulfilled. We found through our experience that 7 items need to be completed before implementation of a TQW.

1. TQW workstation need to be in close proximity and mirror the final inspection workstation.

2. Operators are trained to the actions that they are required to follow and are rated on a polyvalence scale.

3. All items on TQW inspection mirror inspection conducted by final inspector.

4. Assembly of your cross functional team to create an accurate Stop @ Defect sheet. This sheet will call out the defects that are being inspected at the TQW.

5. Final Inspection Validation Sheet, to be gone through with your cross functional team.

6. Defect exit criterion list is established & Individual missed defect list created for every ANM TQW inspector and your Final inspector.

7. Convergence plan started.

ANM’s end goal is to leave your facility knowing that we protected your customer and helped you achieve goals set by your company.

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